It has been suggested I write about what I know. I am a gardener by trade, a wife, a mother, grandmother, a voracious reader, an observer of life and at this point in my life simply living has taught me a thing or two! Some I didn’t care to learn, but we don’t always have a choice. My life has been a grand journey and the people in my life now and in the past each have left something with me to share, sometimes a good lesson sometimes a lesson that was painful, still a lesson.

Now it’s back to taking advice on how to write this blog and ponder what gardening will have to do with life, death, joy, sorrow and  good living. Please join me as I go to my past and my current life and the wonderful and not so wonderful people and places I’ve experienced.  You may recognize yourself, garner garden advice or maybe a lesson in life hard learned, or a serious discussion of something I feel or have lived and can share with you and you can then share with me.

Rose Emporiam