Most people love to travel (I am not one of them). This causes a problem; I have the curiosity and desire to see many of the wonders of the world; the wonders of my own country; a contradiction to be sure! I think this falls under the category of ‘self improvement’, even at this age!

Months before a scheduled trip (it would be best to spring them on me) I begin to imagine all that could happen while I’m gone, what could befall me or my home while I’m on the planned adventure. I have a limited long end to our trips that I can cope with, driving my husband to wring his hands seeing he would like to incorporate every possible thing to be done on an expensive/or not so expensive adventure. Ten days! My limit, I can’t go beyond that or I begin to fall apart and turn into an absolute pain and everyone knows where. I’ve not tried longer so who knows, I may not implode and my house and animals may not fall into ruin while I am gone. I’m not going there though; I don’t want anyone getting ideas.

I’ve struggled with this ‘issue’ all my life. It didn’t matter for much of my life because I didn’t travel; I thought about it and solved some of my wanderlust by reading about the interesting places to go…..someday, safely in the future. I’d been on a few trips, short ones, saw a few things in the United States on well planned trips that I knew beforehand where I would be and what I would be doing, who would be caring for my children, my dog, my garden, all the things that are near and dear to my heart.

As it has a habit of doing life changed! Bam! There it was, I was a single woman (I preferred never to call myself a widow at 48) and the future was before me and I needed to make changes. The changes are a story for another day; today we’ll stick to travel

I met my current husband, which leads to multiple stories for other days! To visit him I had to fly, by myself to totally unfamiliar territories. Well, suck it up and do it was all I could think of doing, but I could control the time frame and where I stayed (very important to an environment based person). It was much easier when he visited me, but not always possible. My flights began, I got pretty good at it and branched out to meet him in different cities where we could go on a cruise! Oh boy, panic in my heart. A cruise, on a ship and I don’t like water and what kind of ‘room’ would we have and would it have a private enough bathroom area, my thoughts go on and on. Early in a relationship one doesn’t always make their desires and views (and weaknesses) completely well-known. That takes time and getting to know your companion better, admitting a weakness or even two (more than that and you are pressing your luck), or to express loudly a strength!

While writing these entries I’m trying to relate my short stories to gardening, something I know well. I can do that! Never fear, I do have a relationship in mind to my gardens and me. My plants and I have something in common! They dislike being moved, every single one of them. Even though I’m usually doing them a favor, improved light, better soil, and better drainage, all for their benefit. They react much like I do when faced with  traveling. They wilt, they sulk, they refuse to thrive, sometimes parts fall off, and it’s often not a pretty picture. They liked it where they were no matter they weren’t growing well, or not able to show their full beauty. I coddle them and treat them well, pay attention and almost all the time they come around. They don’t always do what I planned but most often they survive and turn out better for their move. I don’t mention to them they aren’t going back to their former home. That’s where our stories differ; I do come home to my animals (seven), my family, my ‘treasures’ and my own bed. Of course while I am traveling, my husband is with me and I’m totally engrossed in taking photos of this that and the other thing. Sometimes what I’m taking a picture of is a doorway, or the crack in an old Roman wall, again leaving me stories for other days.

As you may have guessed I have a trip coming up. Wish me a bon voyage and that I don’t lose leaves, wilt or sulk. I haven’t yet, but it could happen!